For Lincoln Meredith, it has been been about the quality of taste since day one.  The infusion of flavors in order to enhance sensory experience is a practice that began for him in the expected place - the kitchen.  Working as a chef in New York City  for sixteen years, Meredith received classical French culinary and sommelier training in several world  renowned restaurants. What Mr. Meredith do not expect, however, was the unique integral role that his passion for flavor infusion while cooking, would play in his personal and professional life.

Meredith smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for several years.  Two years ago, he decided to quit.  Shortly after making this decision, he tried his first electronic cigarette. What he found was that many of the electronic cigarettes were filled with juice formulated from food flavoring concentrate. "That is when the light bulb went off," he explains " I began ordering everything I could get my hands on and learning how to apply my knowledge and passion for food and wine to create e-liquid." Thus began the evolution of Vape Orenda. Meredith spent the next year developing this idea. He knew how to infuse flavors in order to create the perfect meal, and he began applying the same practices in order to craft the perfect e-liquid.  He extensively researched other e-liquids already on the market.

"The primary complaint I heard from other vapers was one I had myself : most e-liquids lose their flavor and appeal after a short amount of time.  This observation pushed me to develop a method in which an e-liquid engages the palate so that you continue to taste the blend of flavors it has no matter how often you vape it."

Orenda is the Native Souix word that represents a mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect change in the world around them as well as their own lives.  This defines the role of crafting e-liquid in Meredith's life.

"I believe in change, after all it is the only constant in the world.  I believe in personal evolution.  Vaping brought about a change in my life and in the lives of many others that I know.  The chance to marry the worlds of culinary and vape while powerfully and positively impacting the lives of other human beings is the greatest opportunity of my life."