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Set aside what you think you know about flavor. Set aside what you think you know about the capacity of your olfactory senses.

Allow yourself to be taken on a journey across the sea, through the bazzars and markets of the Far East, to the chef’s table in the heart of a metropolitan culinary mecca.

Your senses will whirl as they are enticed and intrigued by the aroma.

Prepare yourself for the taste of delicate pastries formed by the hand of a master, adorned with blueberry confit, paired with honey and rich cream.

Succumb to your senses as you experience the subtle tones of caramel and fine Turkish tobaccos that dance through the air, teasing and taunting your palate.

Close your eyes, breathe deep, and become present to a new palatial experience.  

Whirling dervish will engage you and play tricks on your taste buds in a way that will keep you wanting more.

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